What is the EschatonCX™ Metaverse?
The EschatonCX™ Metaverse is a unique new fictional universe.
Based on a Villa d'Mill story, an Open AI-generated plot, and community votes.
What products do you want to release?
Our team of 3D designers and programmers is producing a modern NFTs collection, NFT TV series, text-based game and mobile Battle Royale game. Read more about our roadmap.
How do I buy EschatonCX NFTs ?
  1. Set up your wallet, like MetaMask or TrustWallet,
  2. Open OpenSea and find the official EschatonCX NFTs.
  3. Enter your account at Eschaton.CX and update your eschatons.
What is Battle Royale?
It will be the first text-based event to occur after the sale. All eschatons will fight, but only one will become the Champion. The owner of the Champion will receive the valuable prize of 92 unique eschaton NFTs.
What is the EschatonCX TV series ?
Our team of amazing 3D animators will create and publish a unique TV series starring eschaton NFTs. Eschatons will make random appearances in the series, so everyone has an equal chance of seeing their eschaton in action!
Do you store NFTs on IPFS ?
We use the default OpenSea minting system, where you can “freez” your NFTs. Find out more here:: https://blog.ipfs.io/2021-06-17-opensea-ipfs-filecoin/
Will I be able to trade the EschatonCX NFTs after the sale?
Yes, all EschatonCX NFTs can be transferred freely between Ethereum(Polygon) wallets. You can trade NFTs wherever you want.
How do I know which eschaton I`m buying? Is it random?
You can buy a "closed box" in the initial OpenSea sale. The box will be opened in 2 weeks after purchase. Tokens are limited to 8192. There are four types of eschatons:

Zealots (Common) - 900 UNITs of each fraction
Acolyte (Rare) - 100 UNITs of each fraction
Heresiarch (Epic Rare) - 23 UNITs of each fraction
Patriarch (Legendary Head of Enclave) - 1 UNIT of each fraction
Will I be able to trade EschatonCX NFTs after the sale?
Yes, they are standard NFTs and, as such, can be transferred freely between Ethereum (Ponygon) wallets, and you can trade on any Polygon blockchain marketplace you want. The world most popular NFT marketplace is OpenSea and you will be able to trade on OpenSea
How much does an EschatonCX NFT cost?
Every closed box has equal price 0.12 ETH on polygon blockchain.
What is an ESCX token ?
The ESCX token is an internal EschatonCX project metaverse token. Everyone who buys NFTs automatically receives an ESCX token. You can use it inside the ecosystem to vote, create a story, or buy and sell items. You can also trade ESCX tokens on external websites or swap services.
Who are the creators of the EschatonCX project?
CixCX — CEO and owner of EschatonCX project
Villa d'Mill — screenwriter, 3D designer, and visualizer
Gun d'Read — programmer and 3D visuals creator
Bitsy Bee — she is our PR and promotion expert